Tania Olsen Designs is an Australian-based label that crafts timeless, yet modern pieces for every special occasion. We’ve been creating gorgeous Bridesmaid, Wedding and Formal dresses for more than 15 years!  

We’re inspired by the latest trends, and are known by our customers for our high quality craftsmanship, colour rich fabrics and flattering silhouettes. A testament to our versatility, quality and impeccable tailoring, you can now find us in more than 160 boutiques across Australia and Internationally.

Our collection of Bridal, Bridesmaid and Evening gowns provide a refreshing selection of modern, yet approachable pieces that are perfect for everyone. Designing gowns that are available in sizes AU 2-40, we are committed to inspiring people of all shapes and sizes to glow with confidence at all of their special events.




Inspired by the nature and architecture surrounding her sunny Brisbane HQ, Tania Olsen carefully structures each collection with silhouettes specially designed and crafted for diverse audience appeal. From each season’s inception, impeccable tailoring brings to life versatile, yet modern interpretations of classic design. 

The way she designs has continued to grow and evolve through more than 20 years in the fashion industry, and she’s well known for her love of luxurious fabrics, rich colours and sophisticated yet playful styles.

Fashion and design was always a hobby for Tania when she was growing up. She proudly recalls sewing since before she had turned 8, and spent years learning the craft of alterations and special occasion styling at a bridal store.

She possesses a strong attention to detail and depth of knowledge that allows her to truly understand the needs of her clients. Her versatile interpretations of classic design stem from a desire to provide much more than just a dress… but rather an experience for the wearer.

Using the environment as her muse and the innate desire to seek out magical places, these pieces are not just designs but a destination.

The Tania Olsen Story